Across the country...

We Are United in Our Dedication to the vision of a Zimbabwe without malnutrition.

Our Approach

Our Overall Program includes, but not limited to...

Capacitating and supporting lower-level nutrition governance structures to be able to plan, implement and monitor nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions aimed at curbing all forms of malnutrition. This is meant to complement activities through the government led multi-sectoral community-based model for stunting reduction.

The organization also implements multisector emergency interventions for vulnerable Zimbabweans affected by the protracted drought and socioeconomic crisis. The objectives are to  improved access to food through recovered agricultural livelihoods, and to improve access of quantity and quality of water and sanitation for drought affected communities and ensure hygiene coping capacities are enhanced.

NAZ also support farmers, their households, and communities to diversify, intensify, and commercialize their crop and livestock production to build their assets and be more able to absorb, adapt, and transform in the face of climate, economic, and other shocks, allowing them to live healthier and more productive lives.


— Our Mission

A Zimbabwe Without Malnutrition


— Our Vision

To reduce all forms of malnutrition in normal and emergency situations by providing expert interventions in nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive programming.


— Our Story

NAZ was formed and started operations in 2013 (initially as a Trust) and is now a registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO). Initial years were dedicated to internal capacity development, as well as developing the capacity of other local NGOs within the Zimbabwe Scaling up Nutrition network. Full operations begun in 2016 and NAZ has successfully implemented projects in partnership with other NGOs, as well as on its own.