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We meet the immediate and long term food and nutrition needs of targeted communities, and build their resilience to respond to repeated shocks.

Activities & Stories of Change

Intergrated food and nutrition security
Nutrition Action Zimbabwe and Africa Ahead are implementing an integrated Food and Nutrition Security...
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improved dietary diversity through establishment of low input garderns kariba wards 10,11,12
Community adequate nutrition (balanced diet) is very important during all the stages of life, as a healthy...
Celebrating WHD2022
World Health day 2022: our planet, our health
Knowledge is power....Good Agricultural practices is possible
Transforming communities through KNOWLEDGE on Nutrition and Climate Smart/Good Agricultural Practices...
Pumpkin porridge
Cooking Demonstration during a care group session in kariba
A key strategy in battling child malnutrition is to ensure that mothers and child caregivers are knowledgeable...