Stepping up for breastfeeding is possible…fathers and husbands can do it too.

Keith Maphosa , Nutrition and Health Assistant at Nutrition Action Zimbabwe, has done it so can you.

“As an expecting father I will make sure to accompany my wife for ANC visits, provide a four star diet and iron rich foods for the growing baby and after giving birth to ensure sufficient quantity and quality milk production. I will also support her with household chores to make sure she has plenty of time to breastfeed our baby.”

The emotional and physical support wives get from their husbands whilst breastfeeding is very crucial as it enhances their success in breastfeeding their babies for as long as possible. It also strengthens husband and wife’s relationship, creating an enabling environment for breastfeeding successfully.

FACT…… breastfeeding is easier when husbands step up to support their wives

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