all babies deserve to be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life despite their birth weight

Step up for breastfeeding: Educate and Support


“Exclusive breastfeeding until six months is possible even for big babies especially with family support. I gave birth to a 4.2kg baby and practiced EBF up to 6 months she grew well and very healthy” My peers and my in-laws always pressured me to feed my baby supplements during the first 6 months whenever she cried, as they presumed that her crying meant that breast milk was not enough for her due to her weight. During my pregnancy, I religiously attended ANC visits at a local health facility, where we learnt a lot about taking care of babies including exclusively breastfeeding them from 0-6 months, eating healthy and nutritious foods to promote milk production. More so my mother and husband supported and encouraged me to continue exclusively breastfeeding our baby until she was six months of age. My baby turned out to be a very normal and healthy baby….Let’s continue to educate and support the community to create a friendly environment for breastfeeding. Behavior change starts with me and you, I did it for both my girls, so can you.” Belinder Nganga SBCC Specialist

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