Uncuffed from religious doctrine

Indoctrinated by religious beliefs to the extent of losing three children through sickness, Nyasha Masawa (30) thought it was natural.

“I lost three children to an unknown sickness at a tender age,l watched my children die helpless because our church disapproves the use of modern treatment.”said Masawa. She flew away from the cuffs of religion after the death of the three children and had to seek refuge from Nutrition Action Zimbabwe.

Poverty, urbanization, climate change and poor eating choices driving unhealthy diets 1 in 3 children under 5 is malnourished. According to the World Health Organisation about 20% of children 6-59 months suffer from lack of essential vitamins and mineral deficiencies which rob them of their vitality at every stage of life. A series of deaths within a space of a month all due to common diseases.

First was her four year old first born three weeks later the remaining with the two died, the last born succumbing to tetanus.
“The death of my third born left me bitter as a mother because l watched my daughter helpless yet l could have taken her to a clinic but religion imprisoned me”.

Masawa explained how she gave birth to her fourth child through training and education she received from Nutrition Action Zimbabwe on exclusive breastfeeding a child from 0-6 with milk only. She was able to raise her child without complications as she took the right channel of raising a child.

“I made a decision to protect my fourth and never be a victim of circumstances again although my husband never accepted the decision l made for seeking medical treatment.”

It was never easy for Masawa as she faced persecution from her husband to the extent that the husband threatened to her with divorce should anything happens to the baby since she had transgressed the religious belief by seeking medical support.

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