Sabhuku Komundela

We encourage people in Chiredzi to build toilets because they are important to prevent the spread of cholera .

We gathered people in the community and check where you used for relief purposes.

Open defecation of people caused problems of exposure to online platforms such as whatsapp and this made people build toilets in the community even though some have not adapted.

We have reduced the spread of cholera.

Visitors get confused when they see people using the bushes as toilets and become hesitant to come back and visit and this situation speeds up the need for toilets in the community.

If children grow up in a cholera infested environment there will be risk of inadequate health and weight loss.

People should take time to invest in building toilets and save for two bags of cement because it is important.

People will walk for 1km to use the bushes for relief in broad daylight and when its evening they go round me the house and relieve themselves.

Culturally open defecation is common in Chiredzi whereby people…

The waste products are mixed with water and children tend to play with dirt around the house which in turn causes cholera and stunting.

Behavioural change in the community tweets

Back then people in the community used to plant crops for consumption and prestige without considering the nutrition benefits.

With the knowledge they have perceived they managed to sell their products in the community and being able to buy materials to build toilets.

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