Piggery Project Empowering Youth

Zindi piggery project is a youth led project that was established in 2016 in Manicaland, Ward 3 of Mutasa District. It has received support from the MCBM Programme who have nurtured their talent and helped it to integrate it with other community development activities aimed at fighting stunting. The project consists of 21 dedicated youths who have become emerging farmers in the piggery project. Mr. Nhamo Tombo (33) is the current coordinator for the project. In 2016 they received two Sows (female pigs) from IRC as a donation for youth development. With the assistance of the Youth Officer and the AGRITEX officer in the ward, the project managed to borrow a boar (male pig) for the fertilization process to occur. Towards the end of the year, the two Sows gave birth to 16 piglets (10 from one sow and 6 from the other).

All project team members contributed in securing feed for the pigs until a stage when they decided start a pass-on scheme where every member had a chance to keep one sow at their homestead until it gives them piglets. They will then keep the piglets and pass the sow to other members. Currently the main project has 7 pigs with some expecting. Amongst his project team members, Mr. Tombo is one of the most successful and thriving emerging farmers in pig production. Currently he owns 3 pigs and 10 piglets. Recently in May 2018 he sold 9 pigs, each at an average price of USD200-00.

Mr. Tombo mentioned that before he ventured into piggery production his household was surviving through selling bananas, an activity that is common in the area. “Selling bananas was the only option for survival though it was less profitable due to stiff competition, my children are now going to school, no more headaches on where to get school fees” said Mr. Tombo`s wife. The household`s food security has been enhanced through piggery production as they can now afford to buy nutritious food from the local market as confirmed by Mr. Tombo during the interview.

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