One bag cement toilet

Nutrition Action Zimbabwe is educating and encouraging rural communities to build toilets using one bag of cement as a Water and Sanitation Hygiene (Wash) initiative to reduce stunting.

For the past two years NAZ has been working closely with women in rural communities to construct toilets at their homes to avoid the spread of waterborne diseases.

Communities to benefit from the initiative include Guluji, Pembe, Chiredzi, Mwenezi and Beitbridge. Without toilets and hardly hit by stunting these communities have been able to construct toilets using one bag of cement.

Open defecation has been a practice in these communities but thanks to NAZ trainings they are now doing rounds to build toilets for each member.

Most people in these areas did not know the importance of having a toilet at a home and they did not know the implications of not having one.

Since NAZ’s penetration into these communities there has been a great improvement on hygiene as the people are also putting tip taps besides the toilet to wash hands after visiting the toilet.


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