Elderly woman accepts behavioural change

Tracing back to my days of motherhood we gave our children food such as porridge before they were 6 months old and we did not bother mixing variety of foods. I did not know that children should be taken to the hospital for check-up in terms of weight loss or weight gain and getting medication.

When my daughter in law started the Nutrition Action Zimbabwe training I thought she was running away from her duties at home. I wanted to call her husband to tell him about her mischievous ways but when we she shared what she had learnt from the training I changed my perspective of her. I learnt that children should be given breast milk exclusively up to 6 months and after 6 months they can be fed porridge with added nutrients such as peanut butter.

With the existence of the patriarchal society I did not believe that a woman is capable of doing income generating projects but because of the knowledge imparted to me I know that a woman can fend for the family.

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