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Eliminate all forms of malnutrition and hunger among vulnerable communities, through nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions.

Who We Are

Nutrition Action Zimbabwe (NAZ) is a registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO 38/19) working in Zimbabwe. Its major driving force is to meet the immediate and long term food and nutrition needs of targeted communities and building their resilience to respond to repeated shocks.

NAZ was formed and started operations in 2013 (initially as a Trust) and is now a registered PVO. Initial years were dedicated to internal capacity development, as well as developing the capacity of other local NGOs within the Zimbabwe Scaling up Nutrition network. Full operations begun in 2016 and NAZ has successfully implemented projects in partnership with other NGOs, as well as on its own.

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What We Do


— Nutrition


— Food Security & Livelihoods


— Water & Sanitation


— Gender Inclusion, Equity & Equality


— Cash Transfer Programming


— Advocacy

Impact Stories

"We never thought we were also able…"

These were the sentiments of Susan Muchongwe, one of the 144 beneficiaries of the Muchongwe community garden in Ward 2 of Mwenezi District. The garden began in 2016 as a community initiative aimed at improving the availability of vegetables to villagers in the Muchongwe area.
Before the garden was established, members of the community were relying mostly on purchasing vegetables from gardens in other wards and…… 

Multisectoral Community Based Model for Stunting Reduction

Makunike association is a group of 30 farmers under the leadership of Mrs Mabika the local AGRITEX Officer in ward 7 of Mutasa district. The association consists of 11 men and 19 women. In the association there are 6 mothers of children 6-23 months old. The group is composed of farmers who have embraced nutrition sensitive agriculture as a thematic area within the Multi-sectorial Community Based Model for reducing stunting (MCBM) project.  Farmers in the group are practicing various agricultural activities such as horticulture, small livestock and fish farming.  The group is receiving technical assistance on nutrition sensitive agriculture from Mrs Mabika. From a group of 30 farmers, Beauty Chitonho (53) has become one of the most successful……